Published WRITING

Along with being an award-winning solo performer and playwright, Dan Ruth has also been published in various

New York City online magazines and blogs. The following is a sample of Ruth’s written work.


Ghosts of Bygone NYC: Dan Ruth Recalls “A Life Behind Bars”

“My building shakes. It never used to shake before but ever since the Williamsburg Edge condos dug their roots into the bedrock on the East River, it shakes and there are lines forming on my walls and on my face. . .”


What the Bartender Saw

“"We’ve all had lapses of stupidity, carelessness, or forgetfulness. If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve asked a bartender if I’ve paid my check or offered the excusatory: “Do I owe you anything?” These moments are commonplace and are expected in bars, but what about when you’re not in a bar or even drinking?"


What the bartender saw

“Looks like another Valentine-free February again for me this year. Bartenders are often hailed as “rock stars behind the bar,” leaving one to think that the dating successes and relationship options are much higher than average. And you’d probably be right. . .for most people. . ."


What the bartender Saw

“It’s steady for an early Tuesday evening. In the bright neon light, the jams of Miles Davis swing noticeably in the background, and regulars talk over fried calamari and martinis, as Donald Trump blathers incessantly from the wide screen above them. It’s just another night in a bar in Hell’s Kitchen. What could go wrong?"