A sampling of Dan Ruth’s remarkable reviews of this tour-de-force black comedy. Check back often for updates!


"A Funny Wet Your Pants Show"

With an outstanding performer and a comical but powerful message.
- Steve Nardoni, Theater Pizzazz



A Life Behind Bars affords the exciting opportunity to watch a gifted actor flex his artistic muscles and mesmerize with a compelling story…as both a gifted writer and an actor of impressive dramatic and comedic strength.
- Gerry Geddes, Bistro Awards


"SO FINE TUNED...His observations and impressions so nuanced and laugh-out-loud funny…spiked with the darkest humor, often at breakneck speed. [Ruth] delivers laughS galore."

- Jon Sobel, Blog Critics


Dan’s first NPR Affiliate interview on Pittsburgh’s “The Confluence” on WESA Radio with Kevin Gavin


"“A Life Behind Bars,” was a mind bending emotional roller coaster ride. This production written and performed by the star is as honest and fulfilling as any show seen this year. Touted as ‘A Tour-de-force’ performance when it played off Broadway, this Fringe Festival entry is way above the rest."

- Joan Green, NoHo Arts District, Los Angeles June 2018


“When you find a performer who can seamlessly blend aspects of all the above into a single, insightful show… there is reason to celebrate. Dan Ruth is such a performer.”

- My Haunt Life, Los Angeles, CA June 20th, 2018


“A Life Behind Bars cuts to the heart like a well-aged scotch. It’s both satisfying, and burns just enough, to let you know it’s the good stuff.”

- David Sabella, Cabaret Hotspot!